Interdisciplinary gallery opens in arts district



The Washington Avenue Arts District is believed to have the highest concentration of working artists in the state of Texas, and the opening of the SITE Houston exhibition presented a microcosm of this cultural hub. The space featured 30 Houston artists, whose work is as diverse as their backgrounds.

The Silos at Sawyer Yard occupies one of Houston’s oldest buildings, a former rice warehouse in the First Ward. SITE Houston makes use of the silos which were used to store rice by repurposing them as individual artist’s spaces. The silos are arranged in the style of a honeycomb with one to three entrances each. Visitors make their way from room to room in the approximately 9,000-square-foot space. The comprehensive experience in the gallery is unique; each artist’s space is completely immersive, a cylinder containing each installation. The spaces in between each room, however, retain a dominantly industrial feel, leaving bare the history of the building.

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